Lunches with Mr. Q


Lunches With Mr. Q features eighty color and black and white photographs. Here are a few of the cars featured in the book, along with quotes and excerpts from the story:

Lamborghini Gallardo


Mr. Q, on the beauty of a new Lamborghini or any other new car: “I don’t know what is better than a new car. Well, a woman. All right. But that doesn’t count. Of the things we make, nothing beats a new car.”

Lister Jaguar


But some old cars aren’t too bad either. Here is a vintage Lister Jaguar, once owned by Mr. Q and raced by his team. “The main reason to buy a sports car is that it’s fun to drive,” he said, explaining his sales philosophy. “You either get the thrill or you don’t. If you don’t, how can I sell you?”

Jensen Interceptor


In his 60-plus years in business, Mr. Q has not only sold cars, but manufactured them as well. The Jensen Interceptor of the early 1970s, built by his company, was considered a “supercar” of its era.

Qvale Mangusta


Of course, as Mr. Q would be the first to tell you, not every venture of his has been a success. The Qvale Mangusta, also built by his company, lost $20 million before folding after only one year of operation.

Unloading the MG-TC


Here is a 1947 English-made MG-TC, the first car he imported into America and the one that forms the cornerstone of his business and life philosophy. “Take risks. Blaze a path,” as he says in his “12 Rules for Successful Living”. “Find the MG-TC of your life and go with it.”

VW Beetle


Mr. Q was one of the first to import the Volkswagen Beetle — again, defying conventional wisdom and those who thought the car would never sell in the U.S. “When you get into the automobile business, or any other business, you cannot be a pessimist,” he says. “Who’s gonna start a business if you’re a pessimist? Optimism is what keeps you growing, keeps you going, keeps you changing.”

Range Rover Evoque


As the author Kevin Nelson learns in his talks and adventures with him, Mr. Q’s optimistic, risk-taking attitude has taken him from the era of the old MG and VW to today, when you might find him pitching the merits of the new Range Rover Evoque.

Jaguar Qvall Lightweight


Mr. Q once owned this car — one of the most famous and mysterious racing Jaguars ever made, a 1963 E-Type known as “the Qvale Lightweight.” After not seeing it for fifty years, he was reunited with it at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. To read about this story, and so many other stories that will surprise and delight you, order your copy of Lunches With Mr. Q today!

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